EDF Energy Services sponsors ETS Originals short film

EDF Energy Services sponsored the ETS Originals short film, 77 Problems which premiered at the recent ETS START conference in Austin, TX.  The film follows Dr. Massoud Amin, University of Minnesota professor and IEEE Smart Grid Chairman, across New York City as he recounts the day that not only shaped his resolute career, but also the energy industry - the 25-hour blackout July 13, 1997. 

“EDF is championing how to make systems more robust,” said Brelinsky at the panel held before the premiere of the film.  “We need more demand resources and renewables and less mass on the grid—we need these safety nets and precautions more than ever.”

EDF Energy Services currently manages two nuclear plants, wind farms and retail electricity services in New York.

Check out the short film, 77 Problems,  here.


About Mary Anne Brelinsky

Mary Anne Brelinsky is President, EDF Energy Services, the North American retail and asset management business within the EDF Trading group. She joined EDF Trading in 2006 as the Vice President responsible for the Texas power business. In 2010 Mary Anne was promoted to Head of North American Power Origination. In December of 2012, Mary Anne’s responsibilities were expanded to include EDF’s retail activities for gas and power in North America. She assumed her current role in October 2013. She is a Board Member of the Gulf Coast Power Association and served six terms as Chairman of the ERCOT Demand Side Working Group. Mary Anne has an engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from the University of Houston CL.

About EDF Energy Services

EDF Energy Services delivers an integrated, digital platform that allows customers to contract with a single supplier to provide generation and demand response dispatch, optimization and hedges of commodity, and retail energy supply and support.  EDF Energy Services provides electricity, natural gas and environmental products to large-scale, energy-intensive commercial and industrial consumers. Consistently ranked in the top 10 of suppliers to large commercial and industrial customers, we structure single or multi-commodity products with medium to long-term programs.

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